It is our duty to set the basis for lifelong learning for each child. The School Readiness Program at Big Bear Academy is embedded within our day to day program, covering all key developmental skills needed to begin school.

It is important to be mindful that the school readiness program needs to allow children to use their present-day abilities and hobbies as ground work for studying rather than requiring children to complete tutorial tasks. However, if a child is fascinated by these tasks then such educational tools will be added to that child’s individual program.

At Big Bear Academy it is our obligation to assist children in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences that make each child a confident learner. Developmental skills form an integral part of a child’s long term learning success and are separated into the following areas:

Cognitive Skills

• Show curiosity in gaining knowledge of new things
• Have the confidence to learn
• Be involved and exhibit a willingness to remedy problems

Language Skills

• Ask questions and communicate thoughts and ideas
• Enjoy listening to others

Social and Emotional Skills

• Participate in play
• Approach children in a high-quality way and make new friends
• Cope and deal with disagreements in an appropriate manner
• Express emotions
• Take turns and share
• Follow and recognize directions and rules
• Cope with transitions

Self Help Skills

• Use the toilet unassisted
• Dress and undress themselves independently
• Deal with small amounts of supervision
• Unpack personal lunch container and drink from a drink bottle
• Deal with a structured environment

Physical Skills

• Run, bounce and balance
• Use tools such as balls and climbing equipment
• Use pencils, crayons, textas, glue and scissors

Supporting Families

During this stage of a child’s learning, a lot of families have questions or concerns about their child’s school readiness. At Big Bear Academy we believe that it’s vital to keep parents informed about their child’s transition to school. This can be through formal or informal meetings to discuss any concerns, through daily activity recounts or through our weekly newsletter. We can also provide an “information pack” with information sheets and advice on dealing with your child’s transition to school.

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