Fluid learning to encourage decision making

At Big Bear Academy we believe that all children should be able to freely explore and develop in all aspects of the service throughout the day. We believe that children should be able to make their own decisions so that they can develop a sense of belonging, enhance their social and problem-solving skills as these are important elements in their overall development.

Natural environment made for development of motor skills

Our Outdoor Environment has been tailor made to suit children’s gross motor development as well as to suit their cognitive development through elements of dramatic play. By children being able to adapt to the constantly changing natural environment, they are developing a range of skills outside of the traditional classroom.

We have tailored our playground to be a safe environment for children by using child friendly materials in particular soft-landing flooring.

Our children also learn how to be environmentally friendly by participating in ‘Big Bear Academy’s planting program’ where children are responsible for their own plants. They need to water and nurture their plants in our garden which empowers children to be aware of the natural environment and the role they can play in making a difference to our planet.

Nutritious meals prepared onsite daily by trained chefs

At Big Bear Academy we believe that healthy, fun meals filled with flavour and colour is the best way for children to enjoy their food. It is always important for children to be provided fresh meals and our menu certainly encourages this.

Our commercial grade kitchen has been designed and built to ensure all food prepared for children is of the highest quality and lowest risk of contamination.

To keep our children healthy, we serve five nutritious meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. All meals are cooked fresh daily on site with love and care by our chef in our commercial kitchen. We purchase high-quality ingredients from local suppliers to ensure optimal nutritional value.

Dietary requirements of individual children are considered and addressed accordingly. This includes any food allergies and cultural elements. In order to remove any risk of food contamination, we are a strictly nut-free and allergy aware centre. All visitors must ensure they do not bring food into the centre.

We also believe children should be exposed to proper hygiene practices. Children learn to wash their hands and rinse their mouths as part of the daily routine, learning the importance of maintaining proper health and hygiene practices.

Leading school readiness program to support pre-schoolers

It is our duty to set the basis for lifelong learning for each child. The School Readiness Program at Big Bear Academy is embedded within our day to day program, covering all key developmental skills needed to begin school. We also work closely with our children’s nominated schools to ensure the relevant developmental milestones are being reviewed.

It is important to be mindful that the school readiness program needs to allow children to use their present-day abilities and hobbies as ground work for studying rather than requiring children to complete tutorial tasks. However, if a child is fascinated by these tasks then such educational tools will be added to that child’s individual program.

At Big Bear Academy it is our obligation to assist children in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences that make each child a confident learner and support their developmental skills which form an integral part of a child’s long term learning. We also believe that it’s vital to keep parents informed about their child’s transition to school. This can be through formal or informal meetings to discuss any concerns, through daily activity recounts or through our weekly newsletter.