What does it cost per day to have my child attend?

Our daily fees depend on the age of your child and your child care subsidy rebate. Your daily fee can be subsidised from 85% to 20% (this is based on your income) – click here for more information. If you are in the 85% bracket, your fees can be as little as $21 per day!

The lower your rebate percentage, the gap (the amount you pay) will increase.

How many days can my child attend per week?

Your child can attend up to 5 days per week! However, this can be limited due to:
• Available space
• Hours of activity: The hours of activity are determined by your hours of work/study. If you work/study full time, you would most likely be entitled to 100 hours per fortnight which gives you 10 days per fortnight of care.
• We have session fees for families of 8 and 10 hours per day to suit your needs so you can utilise as many hours of your subsidy as possible.

What does Big Bear Academy provide?

We provide all meals throughout the day from Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Snack. All meals are on a rotating four-week menu cycle and all meals are prepared and cooked on premises in our commercial kitchen. We also provide all nappies, baby wipes, creams, soft brim hat and bed sheets. The idea is that you can drop off your child in the morning with their water bottle and 2 changes of clothes and know that your child is safe and well looked after for the rest of the day.

Are your meals halal and do you serve beef or pork?

All our meals are halal and our meat is supplied by a Halal Certified Butcher. We do not serve Pork or Beef to respect all of our multicultural families in the centre.

How safe are your centres?

At Big Bear Academy the safety of all children is of the utmost importance, our centres have been designed and built with safety in mind.

Every part of our centres are monitored and recorded (except in the bathrooms) via security cameras and to enter the centre a fob key is required which is registered to a specific person. If a child were to leave their room, there are separate doors/ gates to get through before being able to leave the centre. Our outdoor play areas are surrounded by soft-fall which allows the children to run freely with minimal accidents.

Do I need to pay a bond?

Yes, we require a $250 bond upon enrollment, that is returned when your child leaves the centre.

How are you different to other centres?

There are many ways we differ from other centres. The main way is that here at Big Bear Academy we are not just an Early Learning service, we are a family and that includes every single individual who is a part of our service. We are different from other centres as we ensure that you feel like this is yourself and your child’s second home. We want all families to feel included and a part of the Big Bear Academy community. As a team, we love working with all families to meet their needs in whatever way possible.

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