State of the art

Big Bear Academy is a brand new innovative childcare centre located in the heart of Macquarie Fields. It has been professionally built and  designed by architectural experts who have developed leading early learning centres across Australia.

At Big Bear Academy we are proud of our state-of-the-art Early Learning centre because it has been specifically designed to enhance all areas of a child’s development including social, emotional, physical and mental growth. Our centre creates an environment that encourages a child’s creative skills to flourish. The centre provides the children the capacity to grow at their own pace and in their own way, all the while making long-lasting relationships with other children and our team of enthusiastic Early Learning educators.

Our two playrooms, BOO BOO (16 months to 3-year-olds) and YOGI (3 to 6-year-olds) were designed to allow a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor learning environments so children can ‘free flow’, providing a richer learning experience. Each room has unique circular learning strategies which are implemented in conjunction with their milestone development.

Circular Learning (also known as circle time): Circle time is a great way for children to get a sense of community with other kids their age, enhance their social skills and improve their attention span. Benefits of Circle Time include:

Establish Community – By having circle time, or group time, our children greet each other and learn awareness of other kids. This kind of interaction helps to enhance the social skills of toddlers. They learn that each child is valued as a member of the group.

What are we doing today? – Use circle time to go over the day’s plans and topics. With all the children in the class together, everyone will know what the class will be doing. Kids are always curious and circle time is a good opportunity for them to ask questions.

Routine – When something becomes routine or familiar to young children, they respond to it better. By starting every day with circle time, the kids at Big Bear Academy know what to expect every morning, improving their skills a little bit more each time.

Our natural outdoor area is one of a kind. Being outdoors and in nature is associated with a myriad of benefits for children including improved physical, mental and emotional health. Spending meaningful time outside allows children to create a positive connection with the natural world. The natural environment is constantly changing, providing ample opportunities for our children to explore and learn, ask questions, observe and experiment. Our outdoor area is large and interactive, so children can climb, jump, run and balance not only encouraging muscle development but also their motor skills and risk assessment.

Our centre proudly highlights the creative work of our children, creating a colourful and engaging environment and encouraging a sense of pride in the activities that they participate in. We offer a breadth of resources that entice the children to learn, investigate and use their imagination. Everything from arts and crafts, toys, books, dress ups, sensory play, educational tools.

To keep our children healthy, we serve five nutritious meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. All meals are cooked fresh daily on site by our chef in our commercial kitchen.

With all this and more, we would love to welcome you and your family to visit our service and hope that you become part of the Big Bear Family!