Working with young children and families is complex and challenging work. Current research in the field of brain science and the developments in theoretical perspectives and approaches to early childhood education are rapidly expanding the knowledge and theory base that we draw on to guide our practice.

Whilst the amount of change and growth in the early childhood sector presents us with great opportunities for increasing the quality of our services, adapting to and working positively with change and trying to keep up to date with theory and research is indeed a challenge.

Planned, effective and regular professional development is a key tool that we utilise to support our educators and ensure we have the most up to date knowledge and tools to meet your child’s needs

We employ compassionate, dedicated and proficient educators who bring a high skill level, appropriate qualifications and varying amounts of experience to support implementation of our curriculum and philosophy. To maintain our commitment to quality education and care, we will implement a performance appraisal procedure to continuously grow and challenge our educators.

We recognise Educators are our service’s most precious resource and aim to provide them with a satisfying and safe work environment, furthermore we also appreciate the experience and skills of all our Educators.