• Zey E

    I've been meaning to write this review for a while. The best words I could use to describe Big Bear Academy will not in any way do this place justice. The BEST decision of 2019 for our family was to enrol our daughter at BBA.

    I can say with all honesty, that our daughter is flourishing in more ways than I thought imaginable. The staff and educators love the children who go there. You see it in the way they treat the children, how they care for their individual needs, how not only one person can tell you about your child's day, but three or more staff can share with you something individual about your child's experience, joy or something they have achieved.

    The staff at BBA take time to get to know you, as well. They listen with the intent to understand. Such a beautifully holistic approach to caring for our precious little ones, and they are so genuine. I am unable to express how fantastic this centre really is.

    Some indicators that this centre is second to none in my point of view are:

    - Welcoming. We as a family, are consistently welcomed whenever we walk in each day. This is really important to us.

    - Friendly. Everyone is friendly, and friendly because it's in their nature. This is reiterated for me when I see my daughter form strong bonds with multiple educators. She knows she is welcome, she is loved and she belongs.

    - All encompassing. They are respectful in their interactions, nourishing with the foods they provide, cleanliness is of a high importance and the facilities and outdoor areas are incredible.

    - Challenging for growth. This is a positive one because I have noticed that they allow our children to grow at their individual pace while at the same time give them the independence to challenge their learning to help them grow. This is in many areas: outdoor play, fine/gross motor skills, hygiene practices, social etiquette...

    I could go on and on. If you are considering taking some time out of your day to check BBA out, or have driven past and thought - Should I? Yes. You definitely should.

    To all the BBA Staff: Your impact on our family can never be repaid. Thank you for loving our daughter with all her quirks and qualities. Her contentedness and growth reflects your dedication and quality of care.

    Zey E
  • Pragya Pradhan
    The place is nice and clean. staff are great, food is fresh and yummy. My son loves the food there more than at home.
    Pragya Pradhan
  • Steven Paradella

    Thank you Big Bear Academy, you have given our little man a wonderful daycare experience, in a safe and well maintained environment.

    Children and staff show a strong sense of belonging. Staff have always been welcoming, happy and willing to listen and we couldn’t ask for anything more suitable. Our little man has been cared for in a positive environment. There has always been enough qualified staff to meet all children’s needs.

    We couldn’t be happier with the nutrition and meals provided, the learning and developmental programs, including interest based and individual learning, along with the supervision, warmth and empathy shown towards the children and carers.

    If you are looking for a Centre that ticks all the boxes then Big Bear Academy is the one.

    Steven Paradella
  • Samone Simi


    Big Bear Academy is by far THE BEST daycare and one of the great choices I’ve made for my children. They have exceeded my expectations and more, my children absolutely love their educators and all the new things they are learning. They have made a lot of nice friends at Big Bear Academy as well. I have also recommend Big Bear Academy to my brother and my bestfriend who have now enrolled their children into the centre and are blown away by how amazing they are, If I could give Big Bear Academy a rating out 10 stars it would definitely be 11 !!!

    Thank you so much to the staff at Big Bear Academy for making my kids (and myself) feel safe and welcome. Big Bear definitely make you feel like family. 🐻

    Samone Simi
  • Casey Lee
    “The staff at big bear academy are honestly amazing! they treat you like family and are very understanding of all situations you’re in. The teachers are brilliant, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my daughter’s speech and vocabulary. Andrew and sandy are very nice and always welcome you into the centre with a big smile and a great attitude. I highly recommend this centre to everyone!”
    Casey Lee
  • Hannah Nelson
    “Big Bear Academy has set a huge standard by which all other day cares should be measured. My 17-month-old daughter has developed at incredible rates, her communication skills, understanding and interaction with other children and adults has far exceeded my expectations and I credit that to the care, curriculum and wonderful environment BBA provides. 10/10!”
    Hannah Nelson
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