Fluid Learning
At Big Bear Academy we believe that all children should be exposed and be able to freely explore and develop all aspects of the service throughout the day.
Natural Environment
Our Outdoor Environment has been tailor made to suit children’s gross motor development. As well as to suit their cognitive development through elements of dramatic play.
Nutritious Meal
At Big Bear Academy we believe that healthy & fun meals filled with flavour and colour is the best way for children to enjoy their food.
School Readiness
At Big Bear Academy it is our obligation to assist children in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences that make each child a confident learner.
Daily Routine
As we encourage fluid learning each day the routine changes based on the needs of the children, weather conditions and the wants of the children.
We understand that leaving your child for the first time might be difficult, which is why we invite families to stay for certain periods of time during the orientation process.


Big Bear Academy believes in children’s rights to learn. We believe that children should have the freedom to learn fluidly and at their own pace. Here at Big Bear Academy we strive for greatness and excellence in the development of your children’s physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development.

Big Bear Academy believes in a child’s right to learn. From our experience, we have identified that by giving children the freedom to learn and at their own pace, they will develop a centered sense of self and security. Here at Big Bear Academy, the children can explore and develop in a way they feel most comfortable and our educators become facilitators of this learning experience. Our job and passion are to nurture and protect the children in our care, as they are vulnerable human beings, we take our role seriously as their protectors, role models and educators.


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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm

Caring for ages from 16 months to 6 years

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